How to Open PST File Without Outlook?

Outlook is a commonly used programme for emailing, calendar events, and contacts management and many other kinds of work. Outlook also provides the facility of saving users’ profile data as a backup. For this data saving process Outlook uses a data file PST (“personal store”). Every data item of a user’s profile Outlook saves in these PST files. But in several situations users are required to access these PST files outside the Outlook application. In this blog post we will see some situations and the solution of this problem.

Why users’ needs to open PST file without Outlook?

  • Because of corruption errors in Outlook, users become unable to open and access data from PST files in Outlook.
  • In case, if a user does not have the Outlook application on their computer to access PST files. 
  • If users receive a PST file from another person and firstly want to check it outside Outlook, 

In that kind of situation, users of Outlook are required to open a PST file without the Outlook application.

Quick Solution to Open PST File With Outlook

eSoftTools Outlook Recovery Software is the best utility for people who are looking for the most effective solution to open PST files without Outlook. Using this tool a user can easily access emails, contacts, calendars from PST files without Outlook or any additional application dependency. Also,using this tool a user can extract/recover all data from corrupt or inaccessible PST files easily. It can easily open PST files of both ANSI and UNICODE formats to access its inner data. This software has the ability to show all PST file’s inner folders and components at free of cost.

Advanced Features of Outlook Recovery Software 

  • Access emails, contacts, calendars and other data from all kinds of PST files for free.
  • Extract data from inaccessible/corrupt as well as healthy PST files.
  • Using this software to repair a faulty PST file and open it, with no need to install MS Outlook.
  • Users can directly export Outlook PST files to Office 365, Gmail, and YahooMail Cloud.
  • All Outlook editions up to 2019 (32/64 bit) are supported by the software, as well as works on all Windows version (up to win 10 [32/64 bit]).

Steps to Open Outlook PST File Without Outlook

  •  In your computer, install the eSoftTools Outlook PST Recovery Software.
  • Start the software and hit the “Select PST” button from the first screen, then choose between “Single PST” file conversion and “Bulk PST” file conversion mode.
  • After that, choose and add the PST file/folder, then click the “Start Scanning” button.
  • Open the PST file and extract all mailbox items and folders from the Outlook PST files.
  • Preview all email, contacts, calendar, and other items from PST files easily using Outlook Recovery Tool with Outlook requirements.


There are a large number of users who are looking for a solution to Open PST File Without Outlook application. For all those users we have provided a professional tool to solve this user’s query in this article. Now take help of eSoftTools Outlook Recovery tool for reading PST files without the need for extra software. 

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