How to get lost 7z file password

Summary:-If you forgot or lost your password and are looking for the best method to get a lost 7z file password, don’t worry because today on this blog I will introduce you to the best method which can easily recover a lost 7z file password and also write about the step-by-step process which can define how to get a lost 7z file password. For more information, continue reading this blog and you will get more helpful details.

What is a 7z file?

A 7z file is a compressed archive file that is created by 7zip software. It saves space on your hard drive without harming your data when the user forgets their 7z file password, so in that situation, users need to find a perfect solution.

When the user forgets their password in that situation, they are looking for the best method to get the lost 7z file password.

Two methods have come into use:

Manual method

Automated method

Manual method:- anyone can easily access this method because it is free, but this is a time-consuming method, and for the use of this method, users need to have complete technical knowledge. 

Automated method:-This is the most recommended method because it can provide instant results without harming your previous database and can complete the process in just a few minutes. The good thing about this method is that a technical or non-technical person can easily operate it without any expert guidance. So make use of the PassFixer 7z password recovery software.

PassFixer 7z is a password recovery software:-.

With the use of PassFixer 7z password recovery software, users can Get lost 7z file password without any interruption. That is the most trustworthy tool with error-free Output. It has a fast recovery speed and never makes any mistakes while recovering a 7z file password. It has a user-friendly interface with powerful client support. This tool can use 3 techniques, such as brute force attack, mask attack, and dictionary attack. In this tool, there is no limitation on file size; users can select a large number of files at a time for recovery in just a few simple clicks. It can securely recover lost 7z file passwords without any data loss. Anyone can use this tool easily, and it has simple and easy steps for recovery. For the use of this tool, users don’t need to learn any technical skills. 

Key features of this tool:-

  • This software has 3 techniques to recover lost 7z file passwords, such as Brute Force Attack, Mask Attack, and Dictionary Attack.
  • That can recover all kinds of 7z file passwords, like symbolic, alphabetic, numeric, and multi-language passwords. 
  • It has 24×7 technical help support.
  • This is virus-free software.
  • This tool has GUI (graphical user interface) windows.
  • With this tool, users will get a 30-day money-back guarantee. 
  • That will display a complete preview of the 7z file password before the recovery of the 7z file.
  • This tool is capable of saving passwords on the clipboard with copy-to-clipboard help.
  • It is compatible with all versions of 7z and Windows.
  • PassFixer also offers a demo pack where users will get 3 initial characters from the 7z file.

How to Recover a Forgotten 7z File Password:-

start up screen of 7z password unlocker tool
  • The startup screen for the 7z password recovery tool
The list of 7z password recovery methods
  • Pick a locked 7Z file from the local system by clicking on Add 7Z file and then choose any recovery technique through a round radio tab. Flow with the settings option
brute force attack settings
  • Choose the appropriate Brute Force Attack settings. Hit on the points option for a more specified selection of characters.
lower case alphabet character set
  • The window to choose the required lowercase characters is displayed.
upper case alphabet character set
  • The window to select the required uppercase characters is shown.
numeric charcter set
  • It can displayed the numerical character list for selection.

special character set.

All the characters are shown with an option to include them in password recovery or not.

recovery status of 7z password recovery

The recovery status of the 7z file password recovery

recover 7z password is displayed on the screen

A recovered password is illustrate on the screen with an “Copy to clipboard” option . This helps to save the password on the clipboard.

After knowing the steps , if you want to purchase this tool then go on the official website of PassFixer and purchase it from there at a low cost. even you can take the demo pack of this tool to analyze its performance or features.

Conclusion:- In this blog, we will discuss how to get a lost 7z file password with the use of PassFixer 7z password recovery software. As well as users will know about the steps or features in this blog. If anyone wants to take advantage of the trial demo pack, then they can go to the official website of PassFixer, which can recover the 3 initial character digits of the lost 7z file password.

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