How to Recover a Forgotten ZIP File Password?

Last updated on January 6th, 2023 at 09:39 am

If you have forgotten the password of your zip file then and cannot access your important ZIP file. In this case, are you searching for the best ways to quickly recover forgotten ZIP file passwords? So read the blog because here we explain smart techniques with powerful tools to recover forgotten ZIP passwords without losing any data.

What is ZIP?

ZIP is a compression tool like 7z, RAR, etc. It helps users to compress or combine multiple files/ folders in a single file. It also allows users to add password protection on ZIP files securing data. But multiple times, users lost or forget their ZIP file password and they find a technique or tool to recover a forgotten ZIP file password.                                                                                    

The Fastest Method to Recover ZIP Passwords

Many user searching for a solution to recover a forgotten ZIP file password. Users who are in this situation can make use of the eSoftTools ZIP password recovery tool. Because this tool efficiently performs ZIP password recovery and unlocks encrypted zip files easily. This software offers three advanced techniques to unlock or recover any kind of ZIP password easily including- Mask Attack, Dictionary Attack, and Brute Force Attack.

With the help of these attacks, users can smoothly recover any type and any length of password with one simple click of the mouse.

Key features of eSoftTools ZIP password recovery tool.

  • This software is designed with three strategies to recover or unlock ZIP passwords such as Mask Attack, Dictionary Attack, and Brute Force Attack.
  • It rapidly recovers any type and any length password of ZIP file without losing any data.
  • This tool offers an advanced and attractive user interface with a lot of great features.
  • Using this software users can easily recover or unlock any type of password such as- alphabetic, Numeric, Special characters, etc.
  • Supports all Windows Operating Systems versions and all versions of ZIP files.
  • All Technical and nontechnical users can easily operate this software without any misunderstanding.
  • Provides technical support 24/7 with emails and chats to solve user’s issues related to software.

Demo Version:-

It offers a free demo version for every user to check the power and abilities of the tool. Users can easily recover the first three words of a ZIP file password by using the free demo version of this tool. So check its free demo version also.

Working procedure of eSoftTools ZIP password recovery tool.

Step 1:- Download and open eSoftTools ZIP password recovery software, then click on “Browse file” button for selecting the locked ZIP file.

Step 2:- Select any one of these attacks according to your password.

  • Brute Force Attack
  • Mask Attack
  • Dictionary Attack

Step 3:- Click on “Next” button to start the recovery process

Step 4:- After recovery of ZIP password, use copy to the clipboard option.

Input the recovered password to locked ZIP files and easily unlock and access zip files.


In this blog, we have explained “ How to Recover a Forgotten ZIP File Password?” and we have explained the superior methods to recover and unlock ZIP file passwords. I hope after reading this blog, you will now get your lost ZIP file password with ease.

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