How to Open password protected 7zip file

7Zip files can save bulk folders and data items to a single file and for reducing its size. It helps users in managing space on the user’s hard drive or system without affecting your data. 

But, at a time users come in a situation where they forgot their 7zip file password. On that situation they require a solution to Open password protected 7zip file. 

Even in this blog, we will provide an instant solution for this problem. For more valuable knowledge keep reading this blog.

Easy Solution to Open Password Protected 7Zip File:- 

Opening Password protected 7zip file is only possible if users have the original password of the 7z file. So, for extracting and opening password-protected 7z files performing 7z files password recovery process is necessary.

Users can done this task easily with PassFixer 7zip Password recovery tool. It is a perfect solution to Open password protected 7zip file. With 3 advanced password recovery techniques it recover all types of 7zip file passwords. 

It is able to recover a lengthy or complex combination passwords without affecting your data. It is a fully secure or tested tool. 

For the use of this tool, there is no requirement to learn any technical knowledge. It has easy-to-understand features. 

Key features of this tool:-

  • It has 3 methods: brute force attack, mask attack, dictionary attack to recover/open password-protected 7zip file.
  • This tool is capable for recovering or opening all types of 7zip file passwords like a multi-language, alphabetical, numeric, special key, etc.
  • It is able to save passwords on clipboards to easily copy/paste password.
  • This tool is compatible with all editions of 7z and Windows OS.
  • Has a clean (graphical user interface) to perform password recovery process with ease.
  • Demo pack is available which is able to recover 3 initial character digits of lost 7zip file passwords free.

Steps to Open password protected 7zip file:-

  • Download and open PassFixer 7zip password recovery tool.
start up screen of 7z password unlocker tool
  • The startup screen of the 7zip file password.
The list of 7z password recovery methods
  • Choose a locked 7Z file from the local system by clicking on Add 7Z file and then choose any recovery technique.
brute force attack settings
  • Start recovery process and the software will show recovery status after 7z file password recovery process completion.
recover 7z password is displayed on the screen
  • A recovered password is on the screen with an option to “Copy to clipboard”. Select that option to select and copy password in one click.

after the all steps, you can purchase this tool from the officail website of PassFixer. Users will be able to take the demo pack of this tool for our satisfaction.


In this blog, we have explained the perfect solution called PassFixer 7zip Password recovery tool to open password-protected 7zip files. even, in the above sectioned we have described the working steps and features of tool. Now download the demo pack of this tool from the official website of PassFixer to analyze its performance.

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