How to Open Password protected 7z file without Password

Summary: Many users are looking for a way to open a password-protected 7z file without a password. Don’t worry, because we will cover the finest method in this blog. We’ll also explain the process of how to open a password-protected 7z file without a password. Users will also be aware of the two methods that will be used. Continue reading this blog for more information.

What is a 7z file?

A 7z is a compressed archive file created by the 7zip tool. It reduces the file size without affecting the data. When users forget their password, they seek the best solution for how to open a password-protected 7z file without a password.

Two methods come into use to open password-protected 7z files without a password: –

Manual method: This method is simple to use because it is free, but users must have a technical understanding to use it. This is a time-consuming and challenging task.

Automated method:-Users can quickly open a password-protected 7z file without a password using this method. This is the most commonly used and recommended strategy. Users will obtain instant results without spending time with a 100% database if they apply this strategy.

PassFixer 7z Password recovery tool:-

PassFixer 7z Password Recovery is the best solution to Open password protected 7z files without password. This is a task-free tool. It can also recover lengthy or complex combination passwords without affecting your data. It can offer many features which can make the tool more reliable or easy to use. For the use of this tool, there is no requirement for technical knowledge or expert guidance. That can provide 100% correct results without any data loss. This is the most trustworthy tool, and it can never make any mistakes while performing the recovery process. It has easy-to-understand features. In this tool, there is no limitation on file size; users can choose a large number of files at a time for the recovery of a 7z file.

Key features of this tool:

  • It has 3 methods to recover a 7z file password, such as brute force attack, mask attack, and dictionary attack. 
  • This tool is capable of opening all kinds of 7z file passwords such as multi-language, alphabetical, numeric, special keys, #$%#&, etc.
  • This tool can support all editions of 7z and the Windows OS.
  • It can save passwords on clipboards.
  • That can also allow the entire preview of the 7z file before the recovery.
  • It has GUI (graphical user interface) windows.
  • This tool can offer 24×7 technical support with a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • It is an error-free tool.
  • A free demo pack is also offered by PassFixer, which can recover 3 initial character digits of the lost 7z file password.

Steps to Open Password Protected 7z File Without a Password:-

start up screen of 7z password unlocker tool
  • The startup screen for the 7z password recovery tool
The list of 7z password recovery methods
  • By clicking on Add 7Z file, you can select a locked 7Z file from your local system, and then select any recovery procedure from a circular radio menu. Flow with the options for settings.
brute force attack settings
  • Select the proper options for Brute Force Attack. For a more precise selection of characters, pick the points option.
lower case alphabet character set
  • The window for selecting the needed lowercase characters appears.
upper case alphabet character set
  • The window to select the required uppercase characters is shown.
numeric charcter set
  • For the special character set, a list of numerical characters is provided.
  • All of the characters are displayed, with the option to include or exclude them from password recovery.
recovery status of 7z password recovery
  • The recovery status of the 7z file password recovery
recover 7z password is displayed on the screen
  • On the screen, a recovered password is displayed with the option to “Copy to clipboard.”This aids in the clipboard saving of the password.

If you are interested, then purchase this tool from the official website of PassFixer at a low cost. Users can also take the demo pack to explore its features or performance.


In this blog, we will explain how to open password protected 7z files without passwords with the use of the PassFixer 7z Password recovery tool. Users will also get details about the features or the steps. Users will also take the demo pack for our satisfaction.


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