How to import EML files to Zimbra?

If you’re planning to import EML files to Zimbra Desktop Client then this blog will be quite useful, as we’ll show you how to do so without missing any file data. Before we go through how to convert EML files to Zimbra, there are a few things you must know.

Here, we are trying to give the answer to how to import EML files to Zimbra using the best software. Many people are always confused to open an EML file in Zimbra Desktop Client. So, read the blog carefully and get the answer to all the questions related to this topic. Because in this blog, we explained the best solution to import EML files to Zimbra. 

Overview: EML and Zimbra

There are many types of email software that several individuals use. A lot of email clients can read and write EML files. An email message is saved in the .eml file format. Plain American Standard Code for Information Interchange (ASCII) text is stored in EML files.

On the other hand, Zimbra is a desktop email-based application used to send or receive emails. Zimbra is supported. TGZ format and It’s supported not only emails but also supported contacts, address books, folders, and more. 

Best Method of EML to Zimbra Converter Software

I know you try a lot of software for converting EML files to Zimbra but due to some reasons, the user didn’t get the best software for this. But right now there is a very useful or powerful conversion method. I suggest using eSoftTools EML to Zimbra Converter Software and doing the conversion without any errors. It works on all versions of windows with 100% accurate results.

Advantages of eSoftTools EML to Zimbra Converter Software

The eSoftTools EML to Zimbra Converter Software gives a quick solution for the question of How to import EML files to Zimbra with a lot of features. We provide some important features of this software, step by step.

  • Easy conversion:- The software provides a very easy conversion method and it converts all the email items and saves them into Zimbra. TGZ format with 100% accurate results.
  • Convert Multiple EML folders or files:- The software has an advanced feature. Users can convert multiple EML folders of files in one single conversion step and provide the converted file in TGZ format.
  • Single Mouse Click:- The software has the power to fulfill the conversion process in one single mouse click. Users can click on the “Convert Button” and get the best result.
  • Save Attachments:- Your attachments of the EML file are always saved during the conversion. It never loses your file attachments.
  • Convert emails with meta properties:- The software saves email formatting, and email properties (TO, CC, Bcc, Subject, Date & Time.
  • Display working process/Preview:- The software has a preview feature. Users can see the preview during the conversion.
  • Demo:- The free demo is the best feature of the software. Users can use the free demo feature after downloading and installing the software and import up to 25 files.

How to work eSoftTools EML to Zimbra Converter Software

The working process of eSoftTools EML to Zimbra Converter Software is very simple and gives the result very instant without any error. Let’s see how it works.

  • First Step:- Download and install eSoftTools EML to Zimbra Converter Software on the Download link or main page of the software page. 
  • Second Step:- Click on “select EML folder” from the toolbar of the software.
  • Third Step:- The software instantly scans and loads your selected EML folder or file.
  • Fourth Step:- Click on the “Convert Button” and go on EML Conversion Wizard.
  • Fifth Step:- Click on the “Browse Button” select the saving location and click on “Convert Button” to start EML to Zimbra Conversion.
  • Sixth Step:- Users can get the confirmation message these all processes are done. It means your conversion is successful.


In this blog, we give the best solution for the question of How to import EML files to Zimbra? and take the best results within one single conversion process. I hope after reading this blog you get help importing EML files to Zimbra Desktop. If you have any advice regarding this topic, then please give your valuable comments in the comment box.

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