How can I recover my Outlook PST Password for free?

Are you saving your file in PST format? And are you saving your PST file with a password? But unfortunately, you forget the Outlook PST file password. Now you want to recover this? So, here is the solution. You can easily recover your Outlook PST password after reading this blog without paying any amount. This blog gives the full information and helps to recover Outlook PST password-protected files with very easy and simple steps. So, now let’s start the topic of “How can I recover my Outlook PST Password for free?”

Best free Outlook PST Password Recovery Software

Try most of the famous eSoftTools PST Password Recovery Software and get unexpected and extreme level benefits in one software. Users can easily download this software on this link and install it on the desktop after that they can recover the Outlook PST password and it’s workable on all versions of Outlook or Windows operating systems.

Benefits of the eSoftTools Outlook PST Password Recovery Software

A lot of software is inbuilt into this software that’s why many people now use this for a very long time. Now, we discuss some of the most important features of this software.

  • Easy Method:- The entire process of recovering Outlook PST file password, is very easy and smooth. It gives a very easy recovery method. Users can use this software without anyone’s help.
  • Recover exact Password:- The software is able to recover the exact Password and gives the Key for accuracy. 
  • Safe and Secure Process:- The software never damages your PST file during password recovery. Your file is fully safe and secure in this software.
  • Save Password in Clipboard:- After the complete process of PST password recovery then users can save a copy password with the help of the Clipboard option.
  • Supportable with Windows and Outlook Versions:- The eSoftTools PST Password Recovery Software is fully supportable with all versions of Windows operating systems and Outlook versions.
  • No need for Outlook Environment:- When you use this softwar, you didn’t need to use the Outlook application for the recovery process. It works without any Outlook installation.
  • Generate the Master Key:- After the recovered PST file password, the key was generated by this tool. We called that the master key of the PST file.
  • Free PST Password Recovery Feature:- The best part of this software is, Users can recover PST file passwords absolutely free of cost. But there is only one condition. In this free version, users can recover only starting the first 3 characters.
  • 30 Days Money Back:- If any user buys this software and realizes that this is not a perfect solution for their question. Then they get the money within 30 days due to our 30 days money-back feature.

Working Steps of eSoftTools Outlook PST Password Recovery Software

Already we mention, there is a very easy working steps. Now, let’s check the working steps one by one.

  • First:- Download and install the eSoftTools PST Password Recovery Software and Open it.
  • Second:- Pick the “PST File” to recover the PST file password then click on the “Open” Button.
  • Third:- Click on the “Recover Password” Button.
  • Fourth:- You get the “Confirmation Message” on your screen. You just click on the “OK” Button.
  • Fifth:- The PST file Password is shown on your screen, now you just copy your password for the future and click the option “Clipboard”.
  • Last” Finally you get the last “Confirmation Message” on the screen.


We try to give the most effective answer to the question “how can I recover my Outlook PST file Password for free?” This blog helps you to recover any type of PST file password with the help of eSoftTools PST Password Recovery Software. But If you want to give more information regarding this topic? Then you just give your comment in the comment box. We will provide the best outputs and we add your point in our comment.

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