How to batch convert EML to TXT files?

In this digital world, a lot of people use a lot of digital methods to communicate with other people. Email is a very famous or professional communication method. A lot of people use different-different types of email clients to send or receive emails. EML or TXT are two types of email clients and users can use these email clients for saving emails. But If users want to know “how to batch convert EML to TXT files?” Then this blog is helpful for any user.

EML” is the file extension of many email clients for saving their emails in this format. The EML extension works on Thunderbird, Outlook, Windows Live Mail, Gmail, Zimbra, etc, and it’s the ability to save all email files with attachments.

TXT” is also a very famous and beneficial email client and a lot of software use this format for editing purposes because this format is able to do the editing in their email messages. It saves all the messages step by step.

Due to some reason, the user wants to convert EML to TXT files with the help of the best tool and users want to make the batch conversion within a minute. There is a lot of software in the digital market that gives solutions related to this topic. But eSoftTools EML to TXT Converter Software gives an interesting or secure conversion method. Let’s know more about this software.

eSoftTools EML to TXT Converter Software

eSoftTools is a very famous software company that makes the very amazing software for users to help. EML to TXT Converter Software” is a part of this eSoftTools company. It gives a very interesting feature and a very easy and simple conversion method for converting EML to TXT.

The Unique Feature of eSoftTools EML to TXT Converter Software

  • Batch Conversion:- The eSoftTools EML to TXT Converter Software gives the option of batch conversion. Users can select multiple files/folders at one time and they provide the exact conversion result.
  • Single Conversion:- If the user wants to convert only one single file or folder? Then the software is able to convert only the required file and save it successfully after the conversion.
  • Export all Information:- During the conversion, The software export all information without missing any information. Like- From, To, Date, cc, bcc, subject, body text, etc.  
  • Save Attachments:- The software never loses your file attachments because it saves all the attachments during the conversion. It converts all the attachments as it is.
  • Save Email File Data:- There is never modification to your EML file during the conversion. It simply copies your EML file and converts it into TXT format.
  • Select Saving Location:- The software give the option to select a saving location for saving your converted files and it takes only a few clicks of the mouse.
  • Smart User-Interface:- It has a smart user interface, so anyone can easily use this software without any issues.
  • Compatibility:- The software is compatible with all versions of Windows operating systems. Users can smoothly run this software on Windows O/S.
  • Free Demo:- The free Demo is the best part of the software. It gives the free conversion option for up to 25 files without investing any money.
  • Live Preview:- Users can see the live preview during the conversion and get an error-free accurate result.

Conversion Steps of eSoftTools EML to TXT Converter Software

There are very simple conversion steps that provide by eSoftTools company and it takes only a few minutes for the conversion processes without any errors. Now Let’s come to the point and check the steps.

  • First:- Download eSoftTools EML to TXT Converter Software and Install it on their desktop.
  • Second:- Click on the “Add EML folder/file” and select the files.
  • Third:- After that, the software scan and loads all the selected EML files/folders.
  • Fifth:- Now, “Select the Location“, where you want to save your converted file.
  • Sixth:- Click on the “Convert Button
  • Last:- You receive the “Complete Conversion Message” on your screen.


Now, I give the all explanation of “how to the batch convert EML to TXT?” we try to resolve all queries of user’s minds and give not only a solution but we give a method of how to do it. But if we miss some points? Then you should please tell us in with the using of comment. Your comment is given to motivation for improving our content.

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