How to import EML Emails to Gmail?

If you want to import EML emails to Gmail for some reason? Then this blog is will be most useful, as we’ll expose you to how to do so without losing your important file data. If we go direct to the topic of how to import EML emails to Gmail we must know a few things regarding this topic.

Here we discuss how to import EML emails to Gmail with the help of the best software. A lot of people daily switch their EML emails in many formats and they want the best results. So, they try a lot of software and invest a lot of money also. But unfortunately, they didn’t get any best software. Our blog gives you the perfect information and a 100% result-oriented software name. So, let’s discuss the topic – “How to import EML emails to Gmail?”

What is EML or Gmail?

We all know EML is a very famous email client which saves emails in EML formats. EML is support Outlook Express, Thunderbird, Windows Live Mail, etc. EML is save not only emails but also saved email attachments and we all know it as the RFC-822 file format.

Gmail is a very famous application of Google. We all know Google is the top search engine in the whole world and they have a lot of applications inbuilt. Gmail is the part of Google that help user to send or receive emails. This is a free email service that works with the internet and it’s the ability to filter spam emails and easy conversation methods.

The best tool for importing EML email to Gmail

We know you try a lot of software that makes the conversion easy and give the simple method but you know very well there is no best software that fulfills all requirements. Now we have the best software for all the user who wants to import EML email to Gmail. Use eSoftTools EML to Gmail Converter Software and take the unique benefits of the software. It gives the 100% error-free results.

Main reasons of import EML email to Gmail?

  • Gmail gives a lot of features free of cost.
  • EML is corrupted easily. In the EML formats, users didn’t save emails for a long time. 
  • EML file is not easily accessible and didn’t open with a specific email client.
  • Gmail is part of the very famous company Google. This is the big reason for conversion.

A unique Features of eSoftTools EML to Gmail Converter 

The software does not only import your EML files in Gmail but also has a lot of features that make the conversion very smooth.

Now, Let’s discuss some important features of this tool:-

  • Convert EML EMLX file:- The eSoftTools EML to Gmail Converter not only import EML files but also import EMLX file with the same process and gives the best results.
  • Selective Conversion:- The software gives the selective conversion option. Users can use this option and convert only selected EML or EMLX files/folders through the checklist and save files in Gmail format.
  • Maintain the email elements:- When users use this software for importing EML email to Gmail, then the software maintains the email elements as it is. Like – bcc, cc, attachments, to, from, subject, image, hyperlink, etc.
  • Convert multiple EML files/folders:- The software converts multiple EML files/folders within a single conversion process and maintains the email structure with the best results.
  • Support UNICODE characters:- The software can support UNICODE characters. It supports all types of language and characters.
  • Windows-friendly:- The software is Windows-friendly. It supports all versions of Windows and if you using this software, users didn’t need to use any other application. It works without any other application.
  • Demo feature:- The demo feature is the best feature of this software. Users can download the software and get the free demo feature. Users can convert up to 25 files without investing any amount.
  • Preview:- Users can see the live preview for each and every conversion process. 
  • Technical Support:- The technical support of eSoftTools EML to Gmail Converter Software is always ready for your help. If users have any problem operating this software, then they can connect with the technical team by live chat or email and get the solution for any query.

Process of eSoftTools EML to Gmail Converter Software

The software has a very simple infographic working process. Anyone can easily operate the software. Now we give the process of working.

  • First, download and install eSoftTools EML to Gmail Converter Software.
  • Second, Open the software.
  • Third, Click on “Add EML files/folders” from the file menu.
  • Fourth, Click “Select EML folder” from the file menu.
  • Fifth, Click on Import “EML to Gmail” Button.
  • Sixth, Click on the “Authentication Login” Button.
  • Seventh, Now click on the “import to Gmail Account” and wait for a few minutes.
  • Last, See the confirmation message on the screen. Now your conversion is successfully complete.


We discuss all the aspects of how to import EML emails to Gmail with the use of the best software. This blog is really helpful to you if you want to import EML emails to Gmail and do the conversion process in a few minutes. But if you have any suggestions for us? Then you must give your valuable comments in the comment box. Your all suggestions are very valuable to us.

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